LOCO DANCE COMPANY - Oakville's Newest Dance Studio | ADDRESS: 9 - 407 Iroquois Shore Road Oakville, ON L6H 1M3

Our Team

Teamwork and collaboration start at the top at Loco Dance Company. Our team of teachers and staff work together to create a safe, inclusive and supportive environment where ideas, creativity and self – expression thrive. 

LDC understands the impact that we can have on each child walking through our doors. Being that smiling face or helping hand makes all the difference in feeling connected and supported. 

In addition to our affiliation with industry leading dance organizations, many of our LDC faculty have completed education in teaching and early childhood education. Through mindful teaching practices and progression, LDC not only provides exceptional dance training, but nurtures creativity, exploration, critical thinking, curiosity and more. Dance skills and life skills come hand in hand at Loco Dance Company.

Samarra Abu Samra

Brittany van den Heuvel

B.A. (Hons.) Dance, B.Ed., A.D.A.P.T., AAC1, AAC2, AcroDance Preschool, N/D/E/O., P.A.A., Alixa Flexibility, 

Melissa Shannon

B.A. (Hons.), B.Ed. Primary/Junior, O.C.T.

Janice Lynn

Life Member, Examiner, and Fellow B.A.T.D. Acrobatic Arts Module 1, 2 and PreSchool, PAA, ADTA, TDC

Kathleen Kunne

TTP Dip (NBS), RTS RAD, ISTD (Folk) Associate

Mercedes Bernardez Carret

Jen Carter

Guest Choreographer

Jamie Hodgins

Guest Instructor

Jose Carret

Jordana Cohen

Guest Instructor

Sydney Bury

Jessica Looper

Lisa Ward

Kayla Palmer

Guest Instructor

Kelly Manjak

Teaching Assistants

Charlotte Ross,

Emma Teska,

Isla Johnson,

Mila Irvine,

Lindsey Ross,

Mira Abudaqa,

Tasia Murray,

Tristyn Murray

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